After Numerous EP Releases The Neighbourhood Finally Releases Album “Hard To Imagine”.

The Neighbourhood recently released their third debut album that brought new excitement into the alternative and pop culture. The Neighbourhood is known for their radio hit “Sweater Weather” but their new album “The Neighbourhood” shows potential to have a few radio hits on it. Throughout the album, The Neighbourhood keeps a familiar electro pop and dark alternative theme to the sound, along with their iconic black and white album, even though the past few EP covers were in color. But the album included new things like heavy auto tune and party beats represented on a song like “Flower”. But the album also shows a lyrical theme of being stuck in love. A few songs emphasizes the struggle of staying with someone that might not be the best person but because of emotional attachment and love, they are hard to let go of. A few songs that show this

“Hard To Imagine” by The Neighbourhood

theme includes, “Nervous”, “Void”,  “Softcore” , “Blue” and a personal favorite, “Flower”. “Flower” is a song that shows Jesse Rutherford’s vocal range by having low and high pitches to match the tone of the song, while trying to hit these notes Jesse is able to maintain a clear voice which makes the album even better. But the album takes a twist towards the end with the song “Too Serious” the track features an acoustic guitar and violins, it goes back to The Neighbourhood’s dark and sad roots along with “Stuck With Me”. The album also features songs that have been previously released on past EPs named “Hard” and “To Imagine” which then made up a joint music video entitled “Hard To Imagine” they then released another EP entitled “Hard To Imagine” that includes songs already released on previous EPs. Then The Neighbourhood released this album entitled “The Neighbourhood”. You could easily say The Neighbourhood took an interesting route to release their new music, but even with the confusion, it was well worth the wait.

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