After Recent Song Release “Give Yourself A Try” The 1975 are Not Slowing Down as They Release Video to the Song.

The 1975 dropped a music video for “Give Yourself A Try” just hours after the song released, this was what everyone was waiting for on the countdown on their website. While many of us hoped it would be a new album it was not, but that will be coming in October followed by one more possibly in the beginning of 2019. This music video’s overall formate is very similar to The 1975’s previous videos like “Love Me” but The 1975 always tend to surprise us & that is what they did with this music video. The beginning starts in black and white, the letters ‘MFC’ are broadcasted on the screen which stands for ‘Music For Cars’ Matty is discussing his feelings and personality with his therapist who ends up being a big cement like bear. This can demonstrate how he feels like he is talking to a brick wall. This can also represent that people should stop listening to what others have to say about them, and start listening to yourself or give yourself a try.

“Give Yourself A Try” Music Video

The video then cuts into the band playing their instruments all wearing the same black and white tucks and black leather loafers in what looks like to be a mirrored room. Matty is seen with red hair and make up, Adam is in bleach blonde hair and make up and Ross and George look how they normally do. My first though on their apparel and hair was 1970’s British punk. The boys even acted in a punk manor, throwing themselves around to the beat of the song and Matty dropping the microphone at the end of the video. Throughout the video bold red text is seen when Matty sings specific words, this can represent the importance of the words, either personally to Matty or for a public service announcement. While these aspects are new, The 1975 still maintains old themes for this new music video, in this video the boys are performing more than acting, many musicians take music video opportunities to show a different side of a song by dancing or even creating a visual story for it, but The 1975 normally sticks to performing their music in chosen music videos. This is a thing The 1975 has always done and should keep it that way. With the new era of The 1975 starting with a new song being dropped along with a music video we have an idea of what will happen next and what new theme will be created by The 1975.

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