All Time Low Drops New Song After Advertising for Only a Few Days.

All Time Low released their latest single at 12am this morning. The band had promoted the song only hours before the release by posting a photo with the words “EVERYTHING IS FINE” on a notes page on their social media. Thankfully the song “Everything Is Fine” is a track that goes back to All Time Low’s roots which is good to hear considering their recent album was not the best. This song has exciting riffs and strong and relatable lyrics that will get stuck in your head. The song also focuses on how the outside world is falling apart and how staying in a safe place, in this case Alex’s head, is the best thing to do. Lyrics that describe this include “My neighborhood is on fire again” and “I think the whole world’s crazy, I don’t want to leave my bedroom.” Some lyrics that most people

“Everything is Fine” by All Time Low

can relate to include, “There’s a devil on my shoulder, and a monster in the television, set me up for failure.” and “The kids are not alright it seems at least they went outside this time.” All of these lyrics represent society and the youth. It shows how things are being run, the monster in the tevelsion could represent how people are watching tv instead of doing things like going outside and the “monster” is preventing people from getting away from the tv. Thats when Alex says “…atleast they went outside this time.” By seeing these things, Alex thinks it is better to just stay in his head instead of engaging in “bullshit”. Which is what the chorus talks about. “Everything is fine and nothing matters, weather’s always nice inside my head, I turn my music up so loud, tired of bullshit, drown it out, everything is fine and nothing matters anyway if I don’t care.” Moving onto the sound of the song, many sounds stick out in the song as something their older sound was like, especially in the chorus. Alex hits us with a powerful voice while the rest of the band holds a pop punk instrumental sound behind his lyrics. There are also a few sounds that are similar to like their new music and could have been avoided but it is not influential on the entire song. Like the beginning of the song there is a voice saying “oh’ several times, the song does not need it. Hopefully with this new song we will see All Time Low go back to their pop punk roots as new music emerges from them.

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