All Time Low Surprises Everyone Again With Surprise Drop of “Birthday”.

All Time Low hit the pop scene with another new song, “Birthday”. The song incorporates 90’s inspiration, but new sounds that are not familiar to All Time Low fans. Alex’s voice takes leaps that work perfectly with the continuous drum loop that surprisingly does not get tiring to listen to. But during the chorus Alex takes an aggressive turn that makes you

“Birthday” by All Time Low

want to move to the beat. As Alex described in a tweet, the song was inspired by the band Queen. This is prominent on a few specific parts of the song, like the harmonizing background vocals which come in at certain parts of the song, and the strong instrumental background. All Time Low shows a new and improved sound with this new song. It takes risks many bands do not venture to take, but All Time Low always goes to the limit. The song itself talks about how Alex, or whoever the main character of the song is, needs this girl they are describing in the song as having a “bubblegum smile“ and how she makes his “heart flutters”. But as the band hits the chorus, Alex sings, “You know I want you in the worst way” which interprets that he wants her in a sexual way. This music style has been seen in All Time Low before in songs like, “Backseat Serenade” and “Do You Want Me (Dead)?”. But this is the most prominent song of their’s with sexual content. With the stacked and aggressive vocals on top of a strong guitar riff and a 90’s inspired drum loop, All Time Low could not have done any better with a surprise release.

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