Everyone Was Shocked to Hear Arctic Monkeys Go From Underground Indie to Lounge Pop New Album “Tranquility Based Hotel and Casino”.

The Arctic Monkeys disappeared for five years after the release of their hit album “AM” in 2015, but this year they surprised us all with their new album, “Tranquility Based Hotel and Casino”.  The song titles and artwork are abstract but is an interesting concept. The first thoughts of this album was low, the hope for this electrifying band to hit us with a redefining album did not seem likely. Hope for the band to go back to their roots like “Humbug” were thrown out the window when the band released “Tranquility Based Hotel and Casino” and “AM” seemed to have a major influence on the work. The vibe throughout the album remains the same, lounge pop with a mysterious instrumental background. Alex Turner’s range still impresses us as he reaches

“Tranquility Baseed Hotel and Casino” by Arctic Monekys.

for notes low and high. The album seems like something that would be played during American Horror Story’s Hotel season, as the characters aimlessly walk through the confusing hallways full of mystery. A majority of the songs also hold old aspects and new ones. The band made room to grow but stayed to familiar sounds on songs like, “Star Treatment” ,  “American Sport” , “Four Out of Five’ , “Science Fiction” and “The Ultracheese”. But brought a new twist into songs like, “Tranquility Based Hotel and Casino” , “Golden Trucks” and “Batphone”. One of their songs entitled “She Looks Like Fun” had a very interesting twists, through out the song “She Looks like Fun” is repeated in a very dark and low tone. It is surprisingly almost identical to “Boris the Spider” by “The Who” from 1966, this song repeats “Boris the Spider” several times in dark and low tone, just like “She Looks Like Fun” while giving it a creepy vibe to the song itself. The album ends with a song called “The Ultracheese” which is a personal favorite. The format of the song reminds me of “Cornerstone” off of their album “Humbug” from 2009. In both songs the main character seems to be in search of something and either finds it in the end like “Cornerstone” or has a sense of realization like  in “The Ultracheese”. Overall Arctic Monkeys might not have given us what we expected but the album is a new sound that will show the change Arctic Monkeys is bringing to the table.

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