Five Seconds of Summer Find Their True Sound in Recent Album Release ‘Youngblood”.

We haven’t seen a Five Seconds of Summer full length album since 2016 and thankfully the wait was worth it. The band hits us with powerful hits like “Want You Back” and “Youngblood” that shows the band shifting in a new direction full of alternative influence. Both songs talk about having to leave someone when they do not want to. “Youngblood” is a much more aggressive song with Luke reaching notes in a very emotional way. But “Want You Back” is a song that sounds needy in a way, the song direction is soft which makes it seem almost passive verses the song just before, “Youngblood”. Through out the album it is clear that the band it trying to break out of their pop cycle and finally mature into an alternative band we think they always wanted to be. But the band shows a more relaxed side with songs like “Valentine”. Which also has a very different sound that is similar to underground indie. It is a risky move to make in the music industry especially after releasing such p

“Youngblood” by Five Seconds of Summer

owerful singles with alternative rock influences but they were successful with including such a different song. The album also includes songs that have taken influence from other songs like “Talk Fast”. The chorus of the song sounds a bit similar to the chorus of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” by The Police. Both song have choppy and short chorus and are also in the same vocal range. One song that sticks out on the album is “Won’t You Love Me” which is a very moving song about love going in the wrong direction. It sounds like a personal song many people who travel for work or are not home often for their family can relate to. One other song that might be powerful and emotional is “Ghost of You” which us apparently about a loved one who has passed away. This song is one that touches many people and the band did a great job of showing their emotions in this song. At the end of the album the band takes a very interesting and electric turn with the songs, “Meet You There” and “Babylon” which incorporates acoustic guitars with EDM like base drops that do not sound like they should go together, but somehow the band makes it work. Luke takes most of the vocal leads in this album which creates a unique sound for the band, but with three other talented members, I think we all wish the rest of the members got more of a chance to show their vocals on the album. But overall the album “Youngblood” is the most different album put out by Five Seconds of Summer and hopefully we will see more as the band continues to surprise us with music that everyone is pleased with

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