Homesafe Created a Hard Rock Masterpiece Many Can Not Accomplish With New Album “One”.

Homesafe is an American rock band based in Illinois. After several bands like Knuckle Puck and Real Friends promoted their groundbreaking music, the band began to be known throughout the pop punk and rock music scene. Homesafe recently released their album “One”. This album shows growing potential for the band. In this album they venture into new sounds that are even heavier than before, but also stay true to Homesafe’s roots. With songs like “Run” and “Point Blank” along with several others on the album. All of these songs

“One” by Homesafe

show powerful, aggressive and risky sounds that Homesafe successfully uses. The guitar riffs are electrifying while the vocals reach levels of aggression through the screaming and straining performed by lead singer and guitarist Ryan Rumchaks alongside with bassist Tyler Albertson and drummer Eman Duran. When the band is not keeping peoples feet tapping they are going deep into the emotional spectrum of music. Including songs “I Don’t Know How”, “Stay Away” and “Fin” which creates a slow vibe to the end of the album by adding instruments like the piano and acoustic guitar. With head-banging choruses and emotional vocals that grabs everyone’s attention but still shows a soft side by incorporating things like pianos, Homesafe moving forward is a band to keep an eye on.

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