Kali Uchis is an Artist Everyone Needs to Watch Out for with Her New Album Release “Isolation”.

Kali Uchis finally released her highly anticipated full lengthen album “Isolation” in early April, some songs previously  released like, “After the Storm” and “Tyrant” gave a sneak peak of the album’s great potential. Kali Uchis involves several different styles in her album that do not sound like they go together, but she incorporates all of the musical genres in a clear and organized manner that flows in a good way. Some styles she included are, Hip Hop, Pop, Latin, and Soul. She even has several different types of musical features who normally do not work together but helped create a masterpiece of individual

“Isolation” by Kali Uchis

thoughts into one overall unison voice and vision. This broad and powerful list of features include, Tyler The Creator, Bootsy Collins, Jorja Smith, BIA, Steve Lacy and Reykon. Some songs that stick out as a new and changing in sound are, “Miami” featuring BIA, Nuestro Planeta featuring Reykon, “Just a Stranger” featuring Steve Lacy, “After The Storm” featuring Tyler The Creator and Bootys Collins and “In My Dreams”. Kali herself maintains a soft yet strong voice in her album, she adds an electric feel to every song  and represent the theme of romance and empowerment of oneself. She even adds a personal touch to the album by discussing when she came over from Puerto Rico to America, she lightly talks about the struggles she faced like not have any money or food. Her personal touch also introduce her as an artist and as a person. Kali Uchis is an artist who will reinvent the future of making different musical genres sound perfect together even when they normally should not.

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