Real Friends Get Real with New Song “From The Outside”.

Real Friends surprised us all with a groundbreaking pop punk and emotional song that discusses facing struggles every day. The band brings a similar musical style that they brought in with their latest full length album, “The Home Inside My Head”. The song has a strong message regarding mental health. The lead singer Dan Lambton recently stating he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This song can serve as a look inside his head when he was given the diagnosis, and what he goes through everyday. Throughout the song, it tells the story of the “inside” of someone and how it is a different story

“Composure” by Real Friends

compared to what others can see from the outside. Hence the name of the song “From The Outside”. The band brings in emotional appeal and awareness to mental illness. One line states “On the inside i’m still sick, the pills a temporary fix…”. This is an important line because many people diagnosed with a mental disorder that need medical attention think medicine is a permanent solution when really it is temporary.  To provide a remedy for a disorder you have to face it, not ignore it or substitute it with something else. It is important for Real Friends to incorporate such an important topic to grow awareness, something Real Friends is known for doing.  While the song might seem electric and pop punk at its roots just like every other Real Friends song, it has a deep meaning behind it that everyone can learn from. The release of this song brings excitement to the table to what Real Friends has in store for their upcoming album.

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