Real Friends Yet Again Releases Another Emotional Song Called “Smiling On The Surface.”

Real Friends has released one more song to add to their collection of songs that hit us all in a personal way. Real Friends has been showing a main focus of mental health based off of past releases including “From The Outside”. The recent release of “Smiling On The Surface” is a song that shows the hard hitting emotions and decisions many mentally ill individuals have to go through every day. Dan Lambton discusses things

“Composure” by Real Friends

like dealing with anxiety, second guessing, and faking a smile. The song builds upon raw and aggressive emotion which shows the personal meaning behind the song. The instruments are also aggressive which makes the meaning of the song even more powerful. The sound of the song is a bit different than what we normally hear from Real Friends. Usually we hear a hard pop punk hit, but this song takes a turn onto the hard rock genre. This is an important song that brings a mental health perspective into reality. The song allows people to understand what it might be like to have a disorder or to help people who might have a disorder not feel alone. After Dan revealed he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it is noticeable that he openly discusses the situation in Real Friends’ recent releases. This is brave of the band to do. While it might be tough to confront and control mental illnesses, Dan decided to take it to his music and show the world.  This music creates inspiration and gives power to individuals to fight with their own mental illness or issue. This song release shows that many of the songs on their upcoming album – ‘Composure’ to be released July 13th- will touch on mental health and will bring awareness to any issue that needs to be discussed. We can always count on Real Friends to talk about things society tends to ignore. 

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