State Champs Releases Groundbreaking Pop Punk Album “Living Proof” Right Before Heading Off to Warped Tour.

State Champs did not let down the pop punk community with their latest album “Living Proof”. The album is electric and full of new sounds that reinvent the pop punk music scene. The album has an aggressive start with the song “Criminal” which brings energy and excitement to the table. The excitement does not stop when “Dead And

“Living Proof” by State Champs

Gone” begins halfway through the album with the same amount of energy as “Criminal”.  The album continues with the same vibe even when the slower songs come around. Like, “Time Machine” (featuring Mark Hoppus?) , “Our Time To Go” and “The Fix Up” which are on the emotional side but somehow are still songs you can easily jump to. Even with all of the new changes State Champs brings to the table, they still somehow sound like the State Champs from “The Finer Things” which was raw and exciting. State Champs still stays original by adding a song that is far away from their style, “Mine Is Gold” which is choppy and assertive. The song is different because the instruments adjust from a flow to a choppy chorus that sounds like it would not work, but State Champs pulled it off. The lead singer Derek DiScanio has an amazing vocal range that does not fail to impress us, he can be raspy and aggressive on one song, then the next he can be soft and hold out an impressive note. On the other hand, the instruments play a key role in the album. The instruments are perfectly complicated by adding new chords and beats that add to the excitement of the album and allows you to not stand still. State Champs put out a very impressive album this year and made perfect timing with the release, five day before Van’s Warped Tour’s final run. State Champs will be the talk of the pop punk crowd for some time because of this album.

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