The 1975 Release New and Exciting Song “Give Yourself A Try” Which is Nothing Like Their Old Stuff.

The 1975 has been teasing us since early this year and we have finally received a new song entitled “Give Yourself A Try”. The song starts with an electric guitar part that stays prominent through out the song. Similar to “Love Me” on their latest album “ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI” and “UGH!” on the same album. Lead singer Matty Healy keeps the same thick British accent that we have seen since their first released EP in 2012. But Matty reaches new levels by creating a high pitched tone a few times in the song and holding out notes that allows the song to be even more enjoyable and powerful. Throughout the song Matty discusses what he has learned getting older and the observations made as well, in the interview after the song premiered by BBC Radio 1 he discusses this concept even more. He also discusses struggles in the song, saying he’s “afraid to go outside” then follows the line with “give yourself a try” this song can be a message to accept yourself and to stay true to who you are. This song can

The 1975 Single Cover for “Give Yourself A Try”.

even be a way of Matty Healy talking about his own struggles he mentions making a lot of money and getting addicted to drugs, we all know that Matty was addicted to drugs through the song “UGH!” Which discusses “not giving it up again” which symbolizes his struggle with withdrawals and how he is not giving it up his addiction again, he even confirms this in the same BCC Radio 1 interview. We all new from the start The 1975 were going to hit us with new and changing sounds and that is exactly what we got but they were able to maintain their original sound, that made us realize The 1975 will always stay true to their roots even when starting a new era for their TWO new albums, one entitled “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” which will hopefully be released this October and another album which has yet to be named will be released this year as well.

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