The K-pop Scene Just Got Better When 24K Released Their Album “Bonnie ‘N Clyde”.

The comeback of 24k’s album “Bonnie N Clyde” shows great potential of becoming a smash hit throughout the K-Pop community and maybe even beyond. The album its self has an electric EDM and pop sound that is unpredictably catchy and entertaining to listen to. While showing the electric side to the band by adding explosive base drops and sound effects, the album also shows how the band can be emotional by incorporating pianos and acoustic guitars on tracks. Overall the band syncs up in a very unique way only few boybands can do, each individual artist includes a sense of individuality in each song by reaching notes only few can do. The album also has a very cool concept because this album follows a theme of the iconic duo Bonnie N Clyde, every

‘Bonnie ‘N Clyde” By 24K.

song has a story behind it that includes love and Bonnie N Clyde experienced things mentioned in each song on the album. The song entitled “Bonnie N Clyde” discusses never leaving someone even if the relationship gets dangerous, that is one thing the actual Bonnie N Clyde had to face, so for 24K to incorporate true details to go along with their suggested theme is a small detail that adds up to make the album even better. The album begins with “Intro” the song gives a small taste of what power the band is capable of which is the perfect intro. The album then follows into “Bonnie N Clyde” which is an electrifying and entertaining staple song for the band. The album then flows into “Blue” which does not appear to be a sad song because of it’s powerful beat, but suddenly does when the lyrics are exposed, the song discusses missing someone even if they were bad for you. The the album then transitions into a song entitled “Overflow” which is similar to “Blue” the beat is strong but soft in a way. Then the album takes a twist by adding the song “To. For You” which transitions into beautiful soft instruments like the piano and acoustic guitar. All of the members successfully use their vocal ranges in a clear and powerful way. The album then ends with an instrumental of the song “Bonnie N Clyde” for the band to do this is an interesting move, many bands do not do this but because the beat of the song is so powerful and exciting, adding an instrumental  version is just as good as the original. Overall 24K is a very talented boyband who has potential to grow into a new and different artist most people will enjoy.

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