If you Do Not Have A Reason to Exercise, Here are Three!

We all technically exercise just about everyday, like walking up a flight of stairs. But this exercise is not enough for your body. These are three reasons to why you need to exercise.



Helps with Mental Health

Many people do not think about this including me for a long time. I did not realize how important exercising was for your mental health. At first it seems like the two do not go together, but after my psychology class junior year I understood the importance. When someone exercises it releases something called Endorphins. When Endorphins are released they cause a happy and positive feeling through out the body. The release of Endorphins prevent the feeling of sadness and even helps people w/ depression. So while exercising benefits the physical state the body, it also benefits the mental state of the body.

What is Maximalist Running 620

Helps the Heart

When it comes to physical activity many people think they have to do a lot to maintain a good and healthy heart. But the heart only needs 30-45 minutes of cardio three to five days a week to maintain a health status. Some cardio workouts include running, biking and even swimming. The range of cardio is pretty wide it just depends on your interests. By maintaining a heathy heart, you can avoid heart disease. Exercising also lowers the risks of things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Look Good, Feel Good.

Makes your Body Look Good and you Feel Good.

Once you get into the healthy habit of exercising three to five days a week with cardio, your body completely shifts. You start to gain muscle, thin out and you even look and feel happier. Exercising helps with confidence, if you look good you feel good. Staying on track to maintain a healthy lifestyle might be hard in the beginning, it is worth the effort. These three things plus so much more are the reasons why physical activity is so important to regulate in your lifestyle, you will not regret it!

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