Real Friends’s New Song Has a Hidden Meaning and Lesson Behind it.

Real Friends is slowing releasing more and more of their new album “Composure” which will be released on July 13th. Their newest release “Unconditional Love” is a song completely different verses previous releases. The song begins with a soft electric guitar and drum beat that  sounds nothing similar to traditional pop punk music, which is something the band relatively goes for. But when the chorus comes around the song picks up in rhythm and becomes even more emotional in vocals. The song seems to be about a toxic person that creates a toxic relationship. It seems like the person in this relationship is showing unbalanced feelings. Dan describes that by saying,“unconditional love and a lack of patience is what you gave me” this shows

“Composure” by Real Friends.

how one minute the relationship works both ways and supports both people, but then can suddenly turn around and hurt one of them due to the actions of the other person.  Dan also says “you say I worry too much while you dig up habits buried deep within me.” This is a powerful line because many relationships fall into spots like this, one person feels the need to solve the other person’s problems when really they need to do it themselves. The person can feel pressured by the amount of help given to them. That includes help given at a pace they are not ready for and can sadly shut them down and cause the process of solving their problems to pause or even decrease. This song can reflect on a past relationship of one of the band members, but hopefully it is past and whoever it is got out of it. One other line that sticks out is “you let me down, but you’ll never let me go”. This line can be interpreted in many ways but it seems like even when one person in the relationship messes up they do not let go of the other, even when they want to be let go. Dan sings the last line in the song which is “so let me go”. Which means they are done with this toxic person and relationship. This song is very important, it focuses on a failing relationship that one person no longer wants to be apart of. The cause of a failing relationship due to unbalanced emotions towards one another and lack of patience is common among many relationships, this song can be seen as a lesson or examples of bad relationships and doing what is best for yourself to make yourself the best you can be and to show the importance of patience in a relationship for it to be successful.

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