Twenty One Pilots Have Finally Resurfaced After Unexpected Hiatus With Some Surprising New Things.

Most Twenty One Pilots fans and the entire world were surprised to wake up to a tweet sent out this morning by the band that shows a sign of them resurfacing. The band took to twitter to post for the first time since July 6th of 2018, a video of what seems to be an eye of an animal, but the eye has different visuals appearing in it. One of them is a white horse galloping while another is a fire but others are hard to make out due to the eye being only half open.  But the video barely displays under the eyelid, the new Twenty one Pilots logo along with a new possible color scheme, the background is black and grey while the rim of the eye is yellow.

On top of the video, fans have been posting on twitter about the new logo appearing in different cities around the world only hours after the tweet was sent out.

Fans still signed up with Twenty One Pilots’ newsletter received a gif version of the video on July 6th 2018, exactly a year after the hiatus started. The gif came with the caption of “ARE YOU STILL SLEEPING?”

Judging by the way the band left things over a year ago with a simple photo of their concert slowing “closing” while different texts appeared backwards, this new message supports the concept of a new era occurring. The texts that appear on the photos even describe the end of something. All of the texts on the photos discuss how night is coming & silence will overcome, which is something that did happen. But then came the video. One “eye” closed to reveal a new one. The new information can mean IMG_3612several different things. New music, new tour dates or even a reinvented Twenty One Pilots, but one thing we know for sure is that Twenty One Pilots is entering a new era, leaving Blurryface in the past and something completely new in the future. This post was completely unexpected and so is the future of Twenty One Pilots but we do know that something is coming soon, are you still sleeping?

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