Twenty One Pilots is Back In Action With Two New Songs and A World Tour Announcement.

Twenty One Pilots recently teased the world with a video of an eye that showed things  like a horse galloping and a fire. The eye itself shows a yellow ring around it along with Twenty One Pilots’ new logo. The band advertised their new logo and color scheme around the world with billboards in places like London and The United States. But this morning the band released two new songs on their youtube channel, one being “Jumpsuit” and the other being “Nico and The Niners”. “Jumpsuit” came with a music video while “Nico and The Niners” came with just audio. Both songs are now available on Spotify and Apple Music. Both of these surprising songs were much-needed to end their one year hiatus and to create a new era full of even more twisted and mysterious problems leading up to one solution; get rid of Blurryface.




  • “Jumpsuit” is true to Twenty One Pilots emotional and aggressive roots. The band does a great job of keeping up the pop radio sound but of course adds some rock sounds to make the hit unique. Towards the end of the song Tyler begins to scream “jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me.” Screaming is something Tyler did often on their older records like “Vessel”. For the band to continue with things they did before fame is important because it shows they did not let fame get to them. This song also relates to the album “Blurryface” because Tyler discusses how he wants to be protected and covered by saying “jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me.” The idea of protection from Blurryface was a major theme on their album “Blurryface” and it is still around in their new music. The jumpsuit relates to how Blurryface the character cannot touch yellow, therefore the jumpsuit is yellow and is protective against Blurryface. The entire song itself talks about the changing environments for Tyler and Josh as they continue to take over the music scene with their hit album “Blurryface” and the expectations of their new music. This is shown in lyrics like, “I can’t believe how much I hate, pressures of a new place roll my way.” and “Spirits in my room, friend or foe?” Without listening to the lyrics this song is just another alternative hit to get people to jump. But once you really listen to the song, the lyrics can pull you in many different directions. Whether the focus is mental health, Blurryface or anything else. Tyler and Josh do a great job of showing emotions through music whether that is through a soft drum beat and welcoming voice, or an aggressive scream and intense guitar riff.


Nico and The Niners

  • “Nico and The Niners” is very different compared to “Jumpsuit” but is not different when it comes to Twenty One Pilots sound. The song takes major influence from songs off of  “Blurryface” specifically underrated tracks like “The Judge” and “Not Today” which are both very chill and relaxed songs. “Nico and The Niners” also has a fan favorite instrument in it, the ukulele. The song also features Tyler’s version of rapping which everyone enjoys because it is not your everyday rap, it is much more subtle. This song lines up with past theories and evidence given to fans by the band. The predicted new era includes things like bishops keeping people captive in a city named Dema. The name “Niners” is another word to describe bishops and Nico could be a possible bishop they are trying to target or get rid of. Hence the lyrics in the song “Fire Nico and The Niners.” The things given to the fans months ago show themselves in this song. When Tyler sings “east is up” it is referring to a map that was posted months ago on a website. Tyler also brings up his jumpsuit again “My jumpsuit is on steady… my jumpsuit takes me so high.” When he references this he might be suggesting that the jumpsuit is a key element to take down the bishops because they cannot touch yellow just like Blurryface. This song is complicated any way you look at it, but this is a key song to solving the problem of the city of Dema and should not be ignored.

These songs still leaves many questions only time will answer when the band releases their album “Trench” sometime soon, but for now I think we are all awake and are ready for more.


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