Real Friends Anticipated Album “Composure” is Finally Out.

After Real Friends promoted their new album “Composure” for the past few weeks the album finally was released today. We all know the past few hits released like “Unconditional Love” and “From the Outside” brought out an emotional side of the band we hoped would be in the rest of the album and thankfully it was, the band successfully carried out the emotional side throughout the rest of the album. The song “Me First” shows many signs of aggression and frustration towards someone who will not see the potential of the person expressing their emotions. Dan sounds as if he’s grinding his teeth together when he sings certain parts which is a new thing Dan normally doesn’t do but sounds good. In other parts he manages to hold a clear note that is much more familiar. The album has a certain theme that is prominent in almost every song. The theme is toxicity. Whether the toxicity is coming from themselves like in “From the Outside” or from other people like loved ones which is expressed in numerous songs but is mostly noticeable in “Me First”. The album shows how the band is shifting in a new emotional direction as well. Real Friends has been known as the “Sad Boys” band, but the release of “Composure” shows more of an aggressive side of the band. While this might sound threatening, aggression is a step taken to start grieving and accepting negative and traumatizing experiences. Whether it is the entire band or just one member, the band embodied a problem and after years of expressing sad actions and thoughts, they have finally moved on to becoming mad and will soon fall into acceptance. “Composure”

“Composure” by Real Friends.

and “Take a Hint” are songs that will be a fan favorite. The riffs are exciting and the drum beats are powerful, Dan also experiements with vocals by focusing on sound that comes from the throat more than the diaphragm, or better known as screaming. They are true pop punk songs that will get stuck in your head. The song “Ripcord” is a bit more on the slower side verses the rest of the album, the guitar riff is repetitive but not tiring which is impressive. The band focuses on the small instrumental details in this song, they give the guitar a main lead that is noticeable throughout the entire song. Real Friends put out a great recorded that stays true to their roots, but tries new things like changing vocals and meanings to their songs. “Composure” is a true pop punk album everyone should give a try.

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