Twenty One Pilots’ Music Video for ‘Jumpsuit” Tells a Story and Begins the New Era Full of Unexpected Things.

A few days ago Twenty One Pilots dropped a video that showed a new era was coming, two days later the bad released two new songs, a music video and world tour dates. But this is only the beginning, new music off of their album ‘Trench” will be released in early October.

But out of everything, the music video to “Jumpsuit” plays an important role in the new era beginning. We know from previous releases on a website that something new is happening and the song “Nico and The Niners” gives a little information on the new era but the “Jumpsuit” music video gives more.

The music video starts with Tyler on top of a burning car that looks oddly similar to the burning car from the “Heavy Dirt Soul” music video. Tyler is even wearing the same thing from the previous music video in the new one and has the same haircut. This could mean the band knew about this song more than a year ago and possibly created some of the music video right after “Heavy Dirty Soul.” Tyler then looks at the camera and says “I’ve been hear the whole time you were asleep. Time to wake up.” This references the Clancy letters left on a website run by the band over their hiatus.


The music video then goes into Tyler appearing in a running stream in the mountains, he gets up and begins to walk. He is wearing a green zip up jacket that has yellow tape on it that can symbolize a “Jumpsuit”.


It is known that Blurryface cannot touch yellow, so the yellow tape is a defense mechanism used for Tyler to protect himself against harm. After Tyler gets up the scene is cut to a figure in a red cloak riding a white horse which was actually seen in the video of the eye released almost a week ago. The figure can be anyone, but the best bet is on Blurryface, the figure even has the red eye paint. Red is only seen in the video with signs of evil, the cloaked figure and the fire in the car from “Heavy Dirty Soul.” Other then that, yellow is the main color used in the video which is a happy color.

When the figure reaches Tyler, they get off the horse and Tyler stands still receptively saying “Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me.” But the figure touches Tyler’s face and his neck turns black. Which is something that occurred in the Blurryface era. Once Tyler’s neck is black he seems to be in a trance as he follows Blurryface.


But people watching the scene from above begin to throw yellow flowers, yellow symbolizes joy & happiness. A few of these people on the cliff include Josh, his best friend and band mate, and Jenna, his wife.

The other people can represent us, the fans. They are all seen throwing yellow flowers which helps Tyler get out of the trance, once Tyler gets out of the trance his black necks begins to fade. Once this happens Tyler begins to run away from Blurryface once he realizes what is happening.


But as Tyler is running he trips and falls, the next scene shows him back where he started, laying in a stream but this time he has a flower on his chest as if he is dead. Then Josh is seen on the cliff looking over Tyler and the figure.

The picture of people standing on a cliff was released with the Clancy letters on the website and it finally lines up as the same picture taken in this scene of the music video.


In this scene where Josh is hovering over Tyler, he seems to take the role of a guardian angel. This is not the first time this has occurred as well. In previous music videos Josh is scene in a ghostly way. He is hovering on his drum set in “Heathens” and willingly risks getting hit by the car holding Tyler in it in “Heavy Dirty Soul.”

At the end of the video, Tyler in Heavy Dirt Soul uniform takes his jacket with yellow tape on it out of the car and begins to walk into the night.

The main point of this music video is to characterize everyone and show who they are. The cloaked man is Blurryface, Tyler is trying to defeat Blurryface and Josh is protecting Tyler along with the others like Jenna and the clique. The music video also shows another encounter with Bluryface and what he is capable of. Or maybe this music video has a deeper meaning and this is what Tyler goes through everyday. Blurryface was a character made up by Tyler to symbolize his mental state, maybe this is another way of bringing it to life and fighting it in a way nobody has before.

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