Here is a Breakdown of The 1975’s New Song “Love It If We Make It”.

This new song released by the 1975 is moving, poetic and emotional. Every lyric seems to have a meaning to it. The song overall expresses how society is run around the world, but they shift their focus on North America. In The United States of America many things like police brutality, sexual harassment/assault and president

“Love It If We Made It” The 1975

Donald Trump have been topics of debate. With debate comes hate, when hate arrives many people focus on hurting each other. The 1975 took the energy that was being expressed around the world and made it into a song that serves as s public service announcement. The song focuses on many things that were listed above but this is a breakdown of the most important lyrics.

1. “Fucking in a car, shooting heroin, Saying controversial things just for the hell of it, Selling melanin and then suffocate the black men, Oh! Fuck your feelings! Truth is only hear say! We’re just left to decay! Modernity has failed us.”

The song starts with these lyrics, they serve almost as an introduction into the issue they are confronting. In this case the issue is about political and social influence on society and how issues are created from them. “Fucking in a car, shooting herion” this covers the herion epidemic occurring in The United States of America, more than 115 Americans die a day due to an opioid overdose. The mention of heroine can also be about Matty himself, he has been addicted to heroine for four years and is finally embracing his problem. “Saying controversial things, just for the hell of it” these lyrics are also about The United States of America. America has been known to say whatever they want without thinking of what they are saying, a great place to find Americans being controversial is Twitter. Many people take to Twitter to express their opinion whether it is liked or not. “Selling melanin and then suffocate the black man.”


Melanin is a part of the body that is responsible for skin tone, this organic semiconductor is being sold across the world and is worth over $400 a gram. Not only does this sound wrong, but the way people are getting these supplements is even more disturbing. Over 64,000 African American Women have been reported missing, this number has been ignored. 64,000!!! The reason these numbers are ignored is because these women are being used for organic harvesting. The biggest organ in the human body is the skin and for some reason everyone wants it. Reportedly in the 19th century, African American women were considered the best test subjects, and sadly that has resurfaced. The band then says “suffocate the black man” which is another example of how African Americans are still being mistreated. “Oh! Fuck your feelings! Truth is only hear say!” This line represents how some people’s’ opinions are ignored because of emotion, or the fact that people believe in different things. If someone does not believe in mental illness, they will not understand or accept it. “We’re just left to decay! Modernity has failed us.” This line can represent almost anyone, but I think it represents millennials. Many people see millennials as lazy and do not pay attention to them but really the millennials are the future and those people looking down on them, set them up for failer.

2. “And I’d love it if we made it.”

This line is very unique and powerful. The band uses this line to spread a little hope into the world, hoping we make it out of this horrible social and political turn.

3. “The poetry is in the streets.”

This line has linked up with the 1975 for quite some time. It made

Chocolate music video top, Robbers music video bottom.

it’s first appearance in the “Chocolate” music video, then continued to appear in other music videos like, “Change of Heart” “Robbers” and “The City”. But the most recognized way that the band has presented this phrase is in French, “la poésie est dans la rue” which translates to “poetry is in the streets” and “la poésie est dans la rue en couleur pleine de vie” which translates to “poetry is in the streets in full living colours.”

4. “Jesus save us!”

This line is a common line used before, it refers to how many people turn to religion in times of trama and crisis. While this is mainly opinionated, in times of need it is okay to look to a higher powerful for help. But to see changes you need to do it yourself, you cannot rely on someone else to fix your problems and this is what the band can be getting at.

5. “I moved on her like a bitch!”

“Thank you Kanye, very cool!”

These are quotes from The United States of America’s president Donald Trump. The first quote was reported from a 2005 recording in which he is filmed talking to the television personality Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood” on the set of “Days of Our Lives.” When this recording resurfaced during the presidential debate in 2016, some where traumatized and scared to know he had said that, but many laughed and ignored the main issue. Now he is seen as a sexist man. The second quote “Thank you Kanye, very cool!” was a tweet made by Trump after Kanye posted on twitter that he is in support of Trump and even has his own maga hat. Many people were saddened to hear someone who’s individuality is undeniable was allying with an evil sexist and racist man.

There are many other lyrics that stand out in their own way. But these lyrics are the most symbolic and moving. With this new powerful and moving song we can hopefully create a better future and make it out of this difficult time.

“Loving Someone” by The 1975 in concert

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