Places you HAVE to Go to in San Francisco!

I just got back from a week long vacation in San Francisco. While I was counting down the days and packing, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I had to do while I was in San Fran, of course there are the basic things like seeing The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Museum of Modern Art and The Painted Ladies. After googling articles of places to go to, I only found a few things sadly. So I used my week to find cool places to go to when in the famous city. Here it is!


Hawk Hill

Hawk Hill is a hill specifically for seeing a stunning view of The Golden Gate Bridge from the edge of a mountain. The parking is pretty limited but there are different parking sections to park at on the mountain. After taking some cool photos you can then travel through a hiking trail to get even closer to the bridge.


The Underground

The Underground is a DeadHead shop. Many famous bands are displayed in the store including stickers shirts and flags. Some of these bands include Pink Floyd, The Dead Kennedys, Guns N Roses but the store is famous for having many things from the band The Grateful Dead, which was a band from San Francisco. The Underground is a store that has been open for many years, even in the time of The Grateful Dead. The owner of the store even knew Jerry Garcia, the lead singer. If you have a bit of deadhead in you, this store is a must see!




Bizza is an amazing pizza place in San Francisco that has a comfy feeling to it while catering to your needs. Their restaurant does not only have pizza but they have salads as well. Their pizza can even come gluten free, and they even have a vegan option. The pizza comes with gluten free crust, veggies and vegan cheese. It is to die for!



House of Nanking

House of Nanking is located in China Town in San Francisco and their restaurant makes you feel like you’re in the heart of Chinese culture. The restaurant is set up traditionally and their food is homemade and fresh. The homemade egg noddles with chicken is a must have.


Even just wandering around San Francisco you can find many things that fit your needs, the city is an amazing place to go to and is totally worth the time, you will make many memories.

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