Playlist for Back to School That Makes School Only a Little Less Miserable.

School is approaching sadly, it is unavoidable, but there are a few things to help ease the pain of facing boring, repetitive and almost pointless days in a room full of people you might not like or just do not want to talk to. The way I ease the pain of school is listening to music, mainly because people will not bother me (for the most part). This is a list of songs I compiled over summer, and even from a year ago. These songs are either uplifting and hype, or are chill and drives away the stress of an everyday student.

Back to School (August) 2018 Playlist!


STARGAZING by Travis Scott

CAROUSEL by Travis Scott

SICKO MODE by Travis Scott

These song along with the rest of Travis Scott’s album “ASTROWORLD” just came out last week and thankfully there are a few songs on the album that can get your mind off school with surprise features like Drake and Frank Ocean, and unexpected beat changes nobody was ready for.

Mind Mischief by Tame Impala

“Mind Mischief” is an older song, from 2012. But this song has a much different vibe verses Travis Scott, Tama Impala achieves an underground demo sound that is perfect for a sleepy morning.

you should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish

Billie surprised everyone with this song (especially when she put a spider in her mouth) but the song consist of an underground hype beat and soft vocals we have all heard from Billie before.

Hello? by Clairo featuring Rejjie Snow

Flaming Hot Cheetos by Clairo

B.O.M.D by Clairo featuring Danny L Harle

All of these songs are off of Clairo’s recent EP “dairy 001” all of the songs slightly vary but still have the same consistency chill vibe to ease in your school day.

We Don’t Care by BORNS

Faded Heart by BORNS

Sweet Dreams by BORNS

BORNS is a very creative artist who surprises his fans with every release. These three songs were on my playlist last school year and they still hold a special place to put a bit of uplifting vibes in my playlist along with a gorgeous voice to match the vibe perfectly. All three songs are perfect for a Friday in 7th period waiting for the final bell to ring.

Love It If We Made It by The 1975

This song is a bit more on the emotional side, but The 1975 adds an aggressive beat that is unforgettable. This song is good for Monday morning, it brings a little hope into the atmosphere.

Million Dollars to Kill Me by Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor has been known to be emotional but can still give an outstanding electric beat that allows us to forget how sad the lyrics are. That is exactly how this song is. Joyce Manor itself is a great band to listen to while at school.

Me First by Real Friends

Stand Steady by Real Friends

Unconditional Love by Real Friends

Composure by Real Friends

Real Friends released their album “Composure” in mid July and the music is still sticking to me. Real Friends mentions numerous things like mental health and how to find yourself while lost among others. These four songs provide a mix of jump worthy beats and layed back guitars. They also provide meaningful and real lyrics to listen to when things get a bit difficult.

Criminal by State Champs

Lightning by State Champs

Mine is Gold by State Champs

State champs always aims to have their audience jumping, if you’re in the need of boost to finish the week, these are your three songs.

Give Yourself A Try by The 1975

Verses most of The 1975’s songs, “Give Yourself A Try” is on the positive and upbeat side, the consistent guitar riff in the back helpst. This song is about self love, so when in need of some extra love and encouragement listen to this.

Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays

This song is a very cute pick-me-up song for any day that is just not going right. The band aims for a rough demo sound that perfectly matches the vocals and noticeable drums.

Life is Short by Ski Mask the Slump God

Ski Mask always has an upbeat vibe, this song makes you want to move or sing, if you don’t do any of these things when listening to the song, you’re doing it wrong.

Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

“Mr. Blue Sky” is another uplifting song that does many changes in 5 minutes, but is a positive song you can listen to specifically on a Monday but realistically everyday when it comes to school.

Flowers by The Neighbourhood

Software by The Neighbourhood

These two song were on my school playlist lat year and they continue the legacy. But both song are on the upbeat side even though the lyrics are kind of sad. The beat is what makes both songs so good and addicting to listen to.

The Ultracheese by Arctic Monkeys

Four out of Five by Arctic Monkeys

“The Ultracheese” is on the slower side, but has meaningful lyrics that are great for when you need to focus on work but want some background music. “Four Out of Five” is much more upbeat and has a bit of aggression to it that really spices up the song, making it a must listen.

Chinese New Year by SALES

SALES is an underground band that is finally on the rise, but this song by them is a nice fit for an early morning that can get your day started. The song is slow, but the vocals are nice to listen to and are relaxing.

Untitled by Rex Orange County

Never Enough by Rex Orange County

Happiness by Rex Orange County

Best Friend by Rex Orange County

Loving is Easy by Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County has a very soothing voice, and sometimes while his voice is soothing, the instrumentals is on the edgy side. His music can be listened to in many different scenarios, “Untitled” and “Happiness” are on the slower side which is great for working on school work. But “Never Enough” “Best Friend” and “Loving is Easy” are uplifting and surprising which can help you get through a rough day, week or math period.

Double Helix by Knuckle Puck

Gone by Knuckle Puck

Wait by Knuckle Puck

Knuckle Puck is a go-to when it comes to school, whether the lyrics are sad or not, the beat always impresses. The band focuses on being upbeat and aggressive in their music. They really show this in songs like “Double Helix” and “Gone”. But in “Wait” it is aggressive, but the emotional side really comes out, great for a good stress cry.

Rich & Sad by Post Malone

Spoil My Night by Post Malone

Candy Paint

All three of these Post Malone songs are very upbeat and will help you get through a good or a bad period. The beats and lyrics are catchy and hard to forget, so you will be listening to these songs more than once.

Love Scars by Trippie Redd

This song is the example of how it feels on a Friday afternoon when the final bell rings. The song immediately goes into a beat and base drop, with unforgettable lyrics anybody can sing along to.

Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club

What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club

Both of these songs are surprisingly catchy, the base and beat in the song make you tap your feet. If you need music to smile to these are your two.

FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT by Tyler, The Creator featuring Charlie Wilson, Chaz Bundick, Syd Bennett & Kali Uchis

OKAGA, CA by Tyler, The Creator featuring Alice Smith, Leon Ware, & clem Creevy

Glitter by Tyler, The Creator

“FUCKING YOUNG” and “Glitter” are upbeat and great songs to get excited to, while “OKAGA, CA” is much more chill, it is very similar to underground music.

Youngblood by Five Seconds of Summer

Valentine by Five Seconds of Summer

Babylon by Five Seconds of Summer

Empty Wallets by Five Seconds of Summer

All of these songs off of Five Seconds of Summer’s new album “Youngblood” are upbeat pop songs everyone will love. A perfect beginning or end to a week or day of school.

Jumpsuit by Twenty One Pilots

Nico and The Niners by Twenty One Pilots

Levitate by Twenty One Pilots

Like Five Seconds of Summer these pop songs are perfect to start or end a week or day, but the lyrics are a bit more emotional and complex so I do not suggest doing work while listening to these songs.

This is my August, Back to School Playlist hopefully you like the music I chose if you have any other songs you listen to during the school day comment them below!

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