Top 5 Albums of Summer 2018!

Summer 2018 is coming to an end, but the amazing music that came along with it is not going anywhere. Here are my top 5 albums of summer 2018!


1. “Composure” by Real Friends

This album by Real Friends was released July 13th, but before releasing their full lengthened album, the band teased fans with song releases including “From the Outside” “Smiling on the Surface” “Unconditional Love” and “Get By”. These four songs were a hit

“Composure” by Real Friends.

as singles and still remain the most popular on the album. The band has been known for their pop punk aggression that progresses every album and “Composure” is another great example of how talented the “midwestern sad boys” are. The band has aggressive and emotional vocals that are accompanied with unforgettable guitar riffs and feet tapping drum beats. Personal favorites include “Me First” , “Stand Steady” and “Composure”. 



2. ‘Youngblood” by Five Seconds of Summer

Five Seconds of Summer’s junior full length album surprised everyone. The once pop band founded by popular UK pop boy band One Direction, has grown into the pop punk band they have aimed to be since day one. The album was released June 15. Before they released the album they released “Want You Back” as a single, the song was good

“Youngblood” by Five Seconds of Summer.

but made the album look soft. But on release day the world was shocked, the first song off the album, “Youngblood” has powerful vocals and aggressive instruments that can grab anyone’s attention. Through out the album the boys talk about rock star things that were not previously talked about, the band matured and grew up as artists and it shows in this amazing album “Youngblood”. Some person favorites include ‘Youngblood”, “Valentine” and “Babylon”.



3. “Living Proof” by State Champs

Since day one, State Champs brought energy everywhere they went whether they were on stage or in the recording room. Their latest album “Living Proof” released on June 15th brought the energy everyone was hoping for. The band first started talking about their new album by releasing “Dead and Gone” in early April then “Crystal Ball” in early May. Both songs are still very popular on the album but

“Living Proof” by State Champs.

“Mine is Gold” and “Criminal” have crept up in popularity. The band continues with their aggressive pop punk vocals only few lead singers can obtain and fast guitar riff, the band was even able to get Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus to feature in an emotional song “Time Machine”. Some personal favorites include “Criminal”, “Mine is Gold” and “Lighting”.




4. “Diary 001” by Clairo

While this album is hard to tell whether it belongs as a summer album because it was released on May 25th, “Diary 001” deserves some credit. Clairo previous released a few songs off of this album including hits, “Pretty Girl” and “Flaming Hot Cheetos”. These songs got Clairo known as an artist and continued to build her imagine. Her music is very
“Dairy 001” by Clairo.

chill and real, it includes instruments like the keyboard and simple drum beats that create an amazing chill hit anybody would enjoy. Clairo’s voice is soothing and small which fits her style perfectly. Personal favorites include “B.O.M.D”, “4EVER” and “Pretty Girl”.




5. “ASTROWORLD” by Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s highly anticipated album “ASTROWORLD” was finally released August 3rd and held to its potential. Travis Scott threw out a few surprises along with the album.
“ASTROWORLD” by Travis Scott.

He includes features like Frank Ocean and Drake. A few popular songs off of the album include “STARGAZING”, “SICKO MODE” and “R.I.P SCREW”. Travis continues to have his autotuned voice take over the rap scene with electric and energy filled music many people enjoy. Personal favorites include “STARGAZING”, “CAROUSEL” and “SICKO MODE”.

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