September Bullet Journal Set Up!

Bullet Journals are a new favorite within the writing community. The concept of a bullet journal allows you to create a journal in your own individual way to help you stay organized and creative. Bullet journals can range in style, from minimalistic to messy and thick, full of personal information. That is the best part about these journals, you can do absolutely anything you want with it! Here is a look into what goes into my journal and how it is set up!

When it comes to bullet journals, it is mainly used monthly . So when the month is over, a new segment begins. For this blog post I will be talking about my September bullet journal set up. I have waited since mid August to incorporate fall into my every day life. Now that it is finally September I can start embracing the changing colors, pumpkins and warm drinks! So the theme for this month is going to be the beginning of fall. I incorporated warm colors like red, brown, orange and my favorite, yellow! I am also a sucker for Charlie Brown so I included some of the characters and iconic scenes. Now that we have covered the theme, lets talk about the content in my bullet journal.

The first page of September is a title page, I like to put the name of the month along with some visuals that show the theme of the month. So I included leaves that are in warm shades. The next page is a lay out of the month.


I have a calendar set up that gives me a quick look into what I have going on this month. I like to use a key that tells me what I will be tracking. For this month I am tracking my work schedule, volleyball schedule, article post schedule and my tutor schedule. Under my calendar I included an important dates list, monthly goals list and monthly favorites list. After adding the content I added a few drawings around my writing to keep the theme present. 


On the next page I have a weekly reminder page, that means I create a list of things I need to do for each week. I like having this because everything I IMG_6192need to do for the week is in one spot, and again I add a few more drawings and colors that correspond with the theme.





The next page is one of my favorite pages, it is a mood tracker but IMG_6193depending on my theme for the month, I make the individual days I need to track into something fun. So instead of creating a box to fill out, I will make it leaves this month because of fall and for August I made the boxes apples because of August’s back to school theme.


This page is also a favorite, it is a habit tracker. I use this page to keep track of every day things like hydration, how may times I get more than eight IMG_6195hours of sleep and more. This is also a helpful page because it allows me to visualize how often things are happening or not happening so I can see what I need to improve on or keep the same or even decrease.




This also goes for the next four pages. My expense tracker, my work tracker, weight tracker, weight goal and website tracker. It helps meunderstand how much I am spending, saving, how often I work, how many tips I get a month, how much weight I loose or gain and how often I post on my website a month. With trackers, many things can be improved or changed just from collecting data about your everyday habits over the month. Trackers are a life saver!

Finally the last two pages is a memories and favorites spread that gives a recap of the most memorable or favorite things that happened that month. Whether it is written, a picture or an object, it is a great way to remember amazing things that happened that month!


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Do you bullet journal or like any of my ideas? Comment below and share with a friend!

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