Where to Find Fall Decorations For Cheap!!

Fall has finally arrived and while some stores are still stocking their shelves with pumpkins, candy and spooky decorations. Here are four stores who have their fall decor out and at a great price!

Bath and Body Works  


Bath and Body Works is a great store to find candles and other heavenly scents. Everybody goes to Bath and Body Works to resupply on their favorite apple, pumpkin or cinnamon candles scents. But Bath and Body Works has deals every single day. Some days are $12.95 for 3 wicked candles, some days have the buy 3 get 3 free sale and hand sanitizers and car scents are always on sale. The best part about Bath and Body Works is even though they can be expensive, the products last for months!



Target is great for cute interior decorations like signs, small pumpkins and fake cob webs. Target even has a dollar section that has some unexpected cute stuff for under $5! Target is known for showing cute Pinterest related products for cheap. They even have their halloween costume section out! On top of decorations and costumes, they also have arts and crafts for anybody’s liking. It include clay witches, pumpkins, cats, robots, wooden Charlie Brown halloween scenes and wooden pumpkins that come with paint and a paint brush!

The Dollar Tree


The Dollar Tree has similar stuff to Micheals or any other craft store, but it is on a budget. The Dollar Tree has small pumpkins, flowers, signs, leaves and candy baskets. The best part about The Dollar Tree is you can find anything you’d find at a craft store but for cheaper, that might play along to the quality of the item but if it is only lasting a month or two it is okay to buy something for cheap.



 Micheals is an expensive craft store but right now they have great deals on their pumpkins and other newly released fall decorations. While pumpkins normally go for $10 to $40 right now they are for $5 to $15! It is a great deal any fall person should check out, specially with pumpkins being a must have in any household. While Micheal’s is pretty expensive, their quality is worth the money and will last for years.

If you have any other suggestions for stores selling fall decorations comment below! If you have already bought decorations where did you get them? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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