Fall Decorations to Make Your House a Bit More Cozy!

Fall is one of the best times of the year! We break out the pumpkin flavored foods, drinks, cozy sweaters, heavenly scented candles and my favorite, the fall decorations! Fall decorations range in style and size, some people like minimalistic objects that match while some people like crazy colors and different objects. But you can make your house, room, dorm or any other area look exactly how you want for the beginning of the cozy holiday season. But one issue that hits everybody is prices of decorations. Many appealing decorations seen online or in store are pricey for something to hang on a wall for 3 months. But I did some research and found items you can put anywhere in your house for a cheap price while looking like a craft store item!



The first store I went to was Target, Target is a store that has almost everything you can imagine which sounds nice, but prices are not so nice. That is when the dollar section comes in handy. Target has a small section in the front of their one of two entrances that is taken for granted. Many things found in the section fit with the current season, the items tend to be small but useful and cute. When I went, the section had decorative pumpkins, halloween containers, halloween signs, candy dishes and halloween themed arts and crafts. All of the items range from $1 to $10. If you’re in the need for small items to put around the house or room, Target’s dollar section is the spot!


Next was Bath and Body works, the store is full of different scents, from pumpkin patch to vampire blood! These scents also range in variety. They come in candles ($12.95), lotions($13), gel ($12.50) and even hand sanitizers (5 for $6). Bath and Body Works is relatively expensive, but EVERY DAY they have a new sale that is hard to stay away from. If you want your house to smell like a fresh pumpkin pie or a rainy fall morning, Bath and Body Works is the place to check out.




The next store was The Dollar Tree, this store’s content is similar to Target’s dollar section but The Dollar Tree has more than halloween decorations and its cheap! When I went to the store, I got fall flowers, a vase, black sand and a few more things I did not need but could not stay away from. But I was able to get a sturdy vase and decorative sand for a cheap price. This store is great for small generic things you can find in any store. But the catch is, it is cheaper compared to most stores.




The last store I went to was Micheal’s which is a craft store. The store has just about anything you need, from paint to cupcake holders to decorations. While the store is relatively pricy, they constantly have different deals and coupons available. At this store I got two plastic pumpkins that would normally cost $40, for $15. Micheal’s has tons of different cute and pleasing decorations but they are mainly expensive. So I recommend going to that store with a coupon, you’ll walk away with what you want while saving money.

Comment below some of your favorite fall decorations. I made a Youtube Video along with the article so check that out! Thank you for reading!


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