Three Gluten Free and Dairy Free Breakfast Options for On The Go!

Are you trying to get the most out of your breakfast? Are waffles taking too much time out of your morning to make and not filling you up? Well here are some simple, healthy and easy and healthy breakfast recipes anyone can try and customize!


Smoothies only take minutes to make and taste delicious! You can find recipes anywhere you look but the best part about smoothies is you can put almost anything in a blender and it will taste good! For a great pick-me-up breakfast smoothie, pack your blender full of fruit or veggies, milk or ice and protein powder! One of my favorite recipes includes 2 cups of frozen strawberries, one sliced bananas, half a cup of almond milk and one scoop of chocolate protein powder. But even with a basic smoothie like this, you can add things like peanut butter or granola! Perfecting your smoothie will take time but once you have it down you will be making a protein packed and healthy breakfast in minutes.


Acia Bowls!

Acia bowls are very popular right now and for a good reason! Acia bowls are very similar to smoothies, but they consist of a specific type of fruit and the blended up goodness goes into a bowl. You can add things on top of your bowl that make the food look great and taste phenomenal! A few toppings include chocolate chips, peanut butter, granola, chopped fruit and just about anything else you want! One of my favorite recipes is similar to my smoothie recipe but I add sliced fruit, peanut butter, chocolate chips or dried oatmeal! This will take a bit more time to make and is not as easy to eat on the go, but you will be ready to go in the morning!



Things like avocado toast and peanut butter toast have many more benefits than you would think. With a protein as a base on top of your toast, you can customize it to your liking. By adding tomatoes, seasonings or onions on your avocado toast, and chocolate chips, oatmeal, granola, strawberries or bananas on your peanut butter toast. A personal favorite is peanut butter toast with banana slices and chocolate chips.. This meal will take time to create but the taste is worth getting up to make.

Thank you for reading! Comment below your favorite recipe and what you like to make in the morning!

2 thoughts on “Three Gluten Free and Dairy Free Breakfast Options for On The Go!

  1. My fave is a smoothie with fresh pineapple, kale, spinach, avocado and one cup of mixed berries. I add coconut water to desired thickness and usually a scoop of super food red or green mix and vanilla or peanut butter protein powder. I’ll make a big enough batch for three full smoothies so I’m all set for the beginning of the week. Thanks for sharing the açaí recipe, it sounds great!

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