Halsey Breaks New Personal Levels With Single “Without Me”.

“Without Me” is the first track released by Halsey since her groundbreaking album “hopeless fountain kingdom” which had emotional and powerful songs like “Bad At Love” and “Now or Never”. With the new release coming out only hours ago, Halsey keeps her addictive beats and emotional lyrics alive. When the song came out she tweeted “Without Me is out. Here are my insides. Handle them with care.”

The song itself sounds like it is sampled from Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” but Halsey reassures everyone by saying on twitter that Without Me only uses “a lyric from the CMAR in the bridge” and that it “has CMAR vibes.”

Halsey continues to get personal like in every other song, but this song is on a different level, when listening to the song’s beat it seems like another pop radio hit that can be played at parties. But once the lyrics are revealed, it is a very personal, relatable and sad song. Halsey sings of lifting someone up by using her own energy  just for them to leave her. Some lyrics like “And then I got you off your knees, put you right on your feet, just so you could take advantage of me”, “Tell me how does it feel sitting up there, feeling so high but too far away to hold me” and “Baby I’m the one who put you up there, I don’t know why” gives a relatable glance into how hurt Halsey is.

“Without Me” Album Cover.

She continues to say other things in the song like “Found you when your heart was broke, I filled your cup up until it overflowed”, ” I say I’d catch you if you fall, and if they laugh, then fuck them all” and “Just running from the demons in your mind, then I took yours and made ’em mine”. Halsey did whatever she could for this person to feel better, including  taking some of the negativity from them and putting it on herself, just for them to use her. This is common in many relationships sadly and that is what makes this song so personal and relatable to many people.

Halsey also discussed in an interview with Zane Lowe from Beats 1 Radio, that this song hits personal levels unreached before because it is the first song released by Halsey under her real name, Ashley. “I think that’s what I’m kind of getting at is that it’s like it’s not protected by some character or some subplot” she continues to say “It’s like this is really me talking about my life, It kind of gave me like an existential crisis as an artist a little bit, because I’ve prided myself on being an artist who’s authentic and writes about her life and I felt just how bad I hurt.”

Halsey is an artist who keeps her fans on her toes with every new release or message. “Without Me” is the first single released since 2017, and hopefully more is on the way with powerful and emotional lyrics others can relate to.

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