5 Fall Activities Everyone Should Do!!

Fall has finally arrived, that means to break out the pumpkin carving kits and scary movies! Besides those things, there are many things that can be added to your fall bucket list and easily be crossed off from now until November. Keep reading to see some fun activities you should be doing this fall season!




Pumpkin Patch


Go to a pumpkin patch!

What is the fall season without checking out the local pumpkin patch full of unique pumpkins waiting to be taken home with you! It is also a great photo opportunity. Many pumpkin patches have things like hay to sit on to pose for a photo, photobooths or you can find your own area too!



Carved Pumpkins



Carve your pumpkin!

Carving is a cute tradition carried out by many people. Whether you do something extravagant and detailed, or a simple jack-o-lantern. The best part is putting it outside with a candle in it to see your creation come to life.



Pumpkin Seeds


Use the pumpkin seeds!

People like to throw away the guts and pumpkin seeds after carving their pumpkin, but the seeds can turn into a great snack! All you have to do it clean the seeds, add some salt or pepper or anything you want to make your seeds taste good and pop them in the oven! Here are some recipes:

Cinnamon Maple

Honey Roasted 

Plain Roasted



Corn Maze


Go to a corn maze!

Corn mazes do not only have the corn maze, they usually have other things like a pumpkin patch, hay ride, and other fun fall activities. You can spend all day at a corn maze without knowing it! Find a local corn maze and make a trip out of it with your family or friends!





Watch scary movies!

This is personally one of my favorite things to do, classic horror films like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist and The Shining should be on everyone’s list of horror films to watch this season along with some spooky treats!

Thank you for reading! leave a comment about what you want to do this fall season!

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