5 Fall Fashion Trends to Try This Fall!​

Fall trends in fashion are starting to emerge after fashion week 2018. While some fall trends are the same every year, like turtlenecks, booties and warm toned clothing and accessories, this year has a bit of an artistic twist to it that everyone should check out and try. Here are 5 trends everyone should give a try this fall season.

Teddy Jacket


Emma Chamberlain


The teddy jacket was a huge trend last fall and winter and it is having a come back this year as a necessity. The teddy jacket got its name from the feeling of the jacket replicating the cozy feeling of a giant teddy bear. The jacket comes in several different colors like white, black, and its signature color tan. But this year stores have created new colors for the popular jacket including soft pink, plum purple, and grey. Stores have created alternative versions to the comfortable jacket by extending the length, deepening the pockets and creating a hood. So this trendy jacket has a color and fit for everyone. Here are some teddy jacket options if you’re interested:

Urban Outfitters $89

Zaful $28

Forever 21 $28


Animal Print






Animal print like cheetah, snake, and leopard have always been a staple piece in fashion since the late 1960’s during the Bohemian movement. But today, animal print is seen in stores like Forever 21 and even Chanel. This fall animal print is seen in shirts, jackets, scarfs, pants, shoes and other fashion pieces. But the most signature animal print pieces this season are jackets, as seen by many different designer brands during fashion week, like Burberry and Givenchy. Jackets come in several different forms, like thin silk, a thick trench or a fluffy bomber. This season all three of these styled jackets have been seen. The cheetah print is the easiest print to match with a basic look, the warm brown tones go great with an off-white top and black pants. Another popular print is the snake print, this print is simple for the most part it incorporates grey, white and other similar colors. This print would look great with another popular trend: neon pink. If you are interested in any of these looks here are some links to some options:

Urban Outfitters $129

Misguided $33

Anthropologie $238




Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2018


While this trend seems out of place, the incorporation of neon colors with the warm toned colors of fall brings in a splash of creativity. Several different designer brands like Comme Des Garcons, Louis Vuitton, and Maison Margiela used colors like neon yellow, pink and orange in their appearance at the fashion week 2018. These colors seem blinding and ugly, but matching them up with a basic layer like tan, white or black allows the color to pop but not be too overwhelming because the neon is already enough, the need for an accessory is not suggested. Here are a few neon items to look into:

H&M $30

Zara $50 for pants $99 for blazer

Supreme $648




Ellie Thumann


Plaid is a signature fall trend that comes back every year, but this year it is different. Plaid is coming back in pants, blazers, purses, and tops. The most popular this year is pants. Many stores sell different versions of the plaid pants but the most popular might be Urban Outfitters. Plaid pants can be paired with a plain colored shirt or a graphic that brings out minor colors on the pants along with a fun shoulder bag. This season plaid pants come in several different forms, like straight leg which is seen most often, skinny and flare. All of these different styles work with the things I suggested above, it is just your preference. Here are a few options if you are interested.

Urban Outfitters $39

Macy’s $48

Nordstrom $80

Ankle Boots

Booties are a huge trend every fall season, but this year it leveled up. While booties are still a trend, ankle boots are just as popular. Shoes like Doc Martens are a must have this season because they can go with just about anything. They can be paired with pants, skirts, and dresses while giving off a stylish and edgy vibe to your look. The most popular color is matt black but there are other colors available like patent black, cherry red, and white. Besides Doc Martens the classic ankle boot with a heel is dominant and sleek, they relatively come in black, brown and grey. Here are a few options to look into:

Doc Martens $140

Nordstrom $200

Target $38

All of these trends plus a few more known ones are going to be seen this season. Which ones are you going to try out?

Remember to like and leave a comment of your favorite trend I mentioned in this article, I hope you enjoyed!

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