10 Classic Horror Movies for the Halloween Season!

With Halloween approaching, it is time to scare yourself with some classic Halloween horror films that every Halloween enthusiast should see. These films are older, ranging from the 1960’s to the late 1990’s but each of these timeless movies influenced other movies or were recreated to fit in with modern technology to scare you even more. Here is a list of the top ten classic horror films.

The Exorcist 


The Exorcist 1973


Originally released in 1973, The Exorcist loosely based off of a true story is a movie based off a little girl named Regan who is being possessed by the devil. At first, the family believes she is just ill, but as time goes by and the little girl starts to vomit green, speak in a low voice and do unlikable things with her body, a priest proposes that she is possessed by the devil and urges for an exorcism. The Exorcism is one of the most popular horror movies in history racking in $232.9 million dollars domestically. While the movie itself is good, it is not horribly scary, if anything it is disgusting when the little girl does things like vomit, spin her head and even shows her face. Everyone should give this more a try.



Poltergeist 1982


The famous movie Poltergeist has been made into several different versions and even has a house at Universal’s famous Halloween Horror Nights this year, which is well deserved. The cinematic piece was first introduced by Steven Speilberg and was a hit to the audience when it was released in 1982. The movie is about strange happenings in a family’s home. Every night when the TV programs are done a static white noise channel appears, the youngest sibling in the family Carol Ann is attracted to the voices in the TV and soon enough, she is missing in the house. Her voice can be heard throughout the house but she is nowhere to be seen until her little brother Robbie hears her voice coming from inside the TV. The movie is creepy, but nothing too serious. If you have a fear of clowns or are sensitive to pop-ups I do not recommend this movie.

Nightmare on Elm Street


Nightmare on Elm Street 1984


Wes Craven’s classic slaughter series Nightmare on Elm Street is a personal favorite. The first of eight movies was released in 1984 and caught the attention of over a million people. Making it hard to sleep at night, Nightmare on Elm Street is a movie about a man named Freddy Kruger who can get into teenagers’ dreams to kill them. While this concept does not seem scary, the way the director Wes Craven portrays the movie makes you not want to close your eyes at night. The main character of the movie Nancy is Freddy’s main target throughout the entire movie. Nancy spends almost every night keeping her eyes open to soon find out Freddy is already planning his move. The Nightmare on Elm Street series slowly became unpopular as the movies released, but the first one will always be a classic scary movie. The movie itself is pretty scary, there is gore and it messes with your head to make you think Freddy is out for you next.



Halloween 1978


The Halloween series is hands down the most popular scary and classic horror series. It has even been recreated by Rob Zombie who made the movie even more creepy. The original Halloween was released in 1978 and made fans go crazy. The movie is based on a madman named Michael Myers who killed his sister and was locked in a mental health institution but escaped Halloween eve in search of his next victim. In the series, Laurie who is played by Jamie Lee Curtis is the victim being chased by Michael for 11 movies including the one released this year. The movie itself is not scary but is creepy due to the event being realistic. It is highly recommended to watch with the doors locked.

The Shinning


The Shinning 1977


The famous book by Steven King released in 1977 soon became a nail-biting movie in 1980. The book itself was inspired by a hotel in Colorado named The Stanely Hotel when Steven King himself stayed there and gained the imagination to create a book still read today. The book is very similar to the movie. The movie is about a man named Nicholas who stays in the Overlook Hotel during the winter season to be its caretaker with his family while the hotel is closed. Over a span of a few weeks, Nicholas becomes crazy, thinking his wife is out to get him, hallucinating people, and his son becomes strange, murmuring the words “redrum”. The end of the movie will leave you speechless, so the two-hour wait is well worth it. The movie is creepy and it will get in your head if you let it.



Pyscho 1960


The famously recreated movie featuring Christian Bale had its start in 1960 in black and white. The movie is a cheap looking movie but that is exactly how Alfred Hitchcock wanted it to be. While the film was not meaning to grab the attention of the audience by looks, the audience was appealed to the characters and plot. A young lady stumbles into the Bates Motel and has an interesting and revealing night with the owner, Norman and his mad mom as it is revealed that she is a controlling psycho. The movie even inspired the TV series Bates Motel. There is no reason to not see the movie that started it all. The movie is not scary but is more of an intriguing thriller to grab your attention for two hours.



Carrie 1974


When the name Carrie is said, pools of blood is the first thing I think of. Now if you have not seen the movie then that will not make sense. But Carrie is a classic horror film everybody should watch during Halloween time. The movie was first released in 1976 after Steven King created the novel that was released in 1974. The movie is about a girl who is bullied by her school peers and mother who is a very strict religious woman. Carrie’s mom prevents her from doing things like attend the school dance and Carrie has had enough of it. After discovering she has a special power, nobody can stop her. The movie was later recreated in 2013 and fit the original perfectly, minus the nudity. Both movies are not scary but are creepy due to Carrie’s spiral at the end of the movie. This film can be watched at any time of the year, but Halloween time makes it even more appealing.

Friday the 13th 


Friday the 13th 1980


This famous slaughter series is known for its creepy stalker appeal and nudity that inspired other classic horror films. The first film of 12 was released in 1980 and brought horror and paranoia among the millions who saw it. The first Friday the 13th movie is an introduction to Jason, the main killer, and his life. Jason was a little boy who drowned in Crystal Lake which also happens to be a summer camp, but nobody noticed the little boy struggling for his life. The camp then closed due to the drowning, but later on, the camp reopens and invited a killer into its cabins. The counselors start dying one by one due to the brutal man with a machete and mask. The series is not very scary but is something to watch around Halloween time. 



Scream 1996


The Scream series is not very good but is still popular for incorporating humor, horror, and drama into a two-hour movie in 1996. Following the successful first movie, the series continued to have three more movies that were not as good but still drew in an audience. The first movie is about a girl whose mother was killed a year prior by a crazy killer. The girl soon realizes she and her friends are also being chased by a killer. The killer plays games on them through other horror movies, mysterious calls, and shocking appearances that drive the characters to paranoia. The movie is not scary but is an interesting watch. The director Wes Craven is famous for other movies but is most famous for Scream because he made a scary movie into more than it appears to be.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974


The famously true story of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was told on the big screen in 1974 and to this day still leaves a weird feeling for anybody who has seen it. The movie first starts with a girl discovering her grandfather’s grave has been vandalized, to do more investigation she begs her brother to join her in finding someone to help them. On their way to finding the helper, they take a pause on their trip to stop at their family’s old farmhouse. They soon find out that their neighbors are a group of crazy killers and they are out to get them next. The creepiest part of the movie is the main killer is wearing a leather face made of human skin. The movie is not scary but the fact that the movie is based on a true story makes it a creepy watch.

After reading this I hope you found your next classic scary movie to watch. Out of the list which is your favorite? Which one will you be watching this Halloween season?

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