Does Halsey’s New Music Video Reveal Aspects of Her Past Relationship with G-Eazy?

Halsey released her single “Without Me” at the beginning of October and recently released a music video that follows along with it. Does the video release her point of view of her and G Easy’s destructive relationship?
“Without Me” by Halsey


In the new video, Halsey is seen in a relationship with a man who looks oddly like her past lover G-Eazy but it is not the happy fairy tale everybody thought their relationship was. Halsey reveals parts of their relationship including drug abuse, drunkness and physical and mental abuse. The song discusses how Halsey knows her lover cannot live without her but he try to convince Halsey that he is capable, especially after she gave him everything. In the video that scenario is portrayed by Halsey staying with him even when he does things like steal money from her, yell at her and shove her. Towards the end of the video he starts to show signs of self destruction by drinking and destroying things, this leads into Halsey’s lyrics, “tell me how does it feel sitting up there feeling so high but too far away to hold me”. The final scene of the video shows Halsey’s lover in a cop car while she is being dragged out of their house by a cop, the lover looks desperate and sad when he sees her, but she then reveals she is not in handcuffs and is free. Free from the cops, the self destruction, the physical and mental abuse and from him. The the video finishes with Halsey in a bathtub, this is a familiar scene to the video, but this time it is not in black and white.

Halsey “Without Me” Music Video

This shows that Halsey is free and happy. The music video shows a visual representation of a negative and destructive relationship that was controlled by anger but desperately wanted to be controlled by love. Halsey says something like this in the song when describing that she took his demons and made them her’s “I didn’t notice cause my love was blind”. The video is. more than a video, it is a message to anybody in a bad relationship.  Luckily Halsey got out of the relationship but many people are scared to do what is best for them or do not know how to. If you know someone who needs help in an abusive relationship reach out to them and have them get professional help these things are not easy to deal with especially with love and comfort being on the table.


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