Joji’s New Album “BALLADS 1” Has a Connection Between Songs and Nobody Noticed​.

Joji continues to surprise and please his audience with the content he releases. His latest release “BALLADS 1” shows growth within him as he tries new things like intense autotune, prominent instruments and switches up his vocals several times throughout a single song. Without a doubt, the most popular song on the album is “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” which was released as a single before the album was released and remains a hit. The soft melodic verses are hit with a powerful and emotionally driven chorus and are catchy to anybody who listens. Joji took to to describe what he meant when creating “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK”. The pre-chorus is made up of two specific lines “When I’m around slow dancing in the dark. Don’t follow me, you’ll end up in my arms.” Joji explained on the website that those lines should be taken as if “it’s like when you see me out there lost, don’t come following me ‘cause you’ll be just as lost as me. And if you don’t know what you want and that person doesn’t know what they want either, then they’ll end up with each other and it’ll be fucked up”. He follows up another popular lyric “Give me reasons we should be complete, you should be with him, I can’t compete” by saying “a lot of dudes even with a girl that they don’t even know, they’ll probably mumble to themselves that shit, you know what I mean? So, it could apply to anybody. You could be looking at a picture of Ariana Grande dating Pete Davidson and you’re like “Yeah, you should be with him, I can’t compete.” You know what I mean? It applies to a lot of things.” The song itself seems to be about someone who is self-aware about a negative situation that can occur due to an interaction but they know it should not happen. This is something everybody goes through so this song is very relatable and maybe that is why it is so popular. Another popular song off the album is “CAN’T GET OVER YOU” which is a continuation of “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” at the end of the music video to “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” it shows the main character being shot with cupid’s arrow and the first verse in “CAN’T GET OVER YOU” is “I can’t get over you, I can’t get over you, And before I die I pray that I can be the one, But I won’t be no fun, If I can’t have you no-one can.” This shows the main character’s obsession with the other person which is very different compared to “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” hence why the arrow plays such a huge role in this song transition. The sound of “CAN’T GET OVER YOU” is different compared to “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” the instruments are not as prominent and are soft, while the voice follows the instruments’ lead. The rest of the album is similar to these two songs, they all have prominent, storytelling lyrics and addictive melodies. “BALLADS 1” is a strong recommendation for anybody trying to find new music. Every song has it’s own story but somehow ties into one complete project that portrays Joji while relating to so many other people around the world.

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