3 Simple Exercises to Burn Fat Fast!!

Feeling stuffed after a weekend full of eating? Don’t worry there are three simple exercises to try that will burn th turkey, stuffing and everything in between.


While this might sound like an obvious thing to do to lose weight and get back into shape, there are certain things you can do while running to increase the calories burnt without losing too much energy. One thing is, one minute walk then one minute runs done in a cycle of 15 to 20 minutes. This form of exercise specifically helps with maintaining a consist pace without getting too tired. On top of losing fat you are also strenghtening your bones!


hex dumbell in gym

Weights focus on building muscle but muscle building creates a metabolism boost your body will love. Doing weights like dumbells at a slow rate can increase your fat loss by 50%! Doing muscle workouts like this for 6 minutes is equal to a 6-mile running pace. This form of exercise is great for anybody looking to shed some extra weight.


That’s right grab your mats and get into downward dog! Yoga burns many more calories than people think, it is not just a bunch of stretching. Yoga builds muscle and balance which increases your metabolism and causes fat to fall off! Yoga also increases your flexibility and works wonders on your mental state. I highly suggest going to the next yoga class at your gym.

Thank you so much for reading! Comment below which exercise you are going to try!

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