Top Three Stores for Christmas Decorations!!

It is finally that time of the year to get some hot coco made, put on some Christmas music and pull out the Christmas decorations to make your house ready for the holiday season. There are many stores that sell Christmas decorations but today we are talking about Target, Home Goods, and Bath and Body Works. All three of these stores are my go-to’s when it comes to decorations year round. This is what I got this season!


Target can get a bit pricy but it is all worth it because the Christmas decorations are quality and cute. Target even offers several different Christmas themes for decorations and wrapping paper so if you want everything to match for the holiday season Target is the place to go. All of these things can be found at your local Target in the Christmas section or in the Wondershop section on their website. This is what I got from Target and how much everything was. 

For my makeup stand and nightstand, I got a few simple things including candy dishes, miniature glass trees, and a miniature glass house. I found all of these things in the dollar section of the store and the Wondershop section of the store. They fit my theme perfectly and is worth every cent. 

For my bed I got a pillow from the Wondershop section. The pillow is kind of cheaply made but it still a nice compliment to have on your bed. 

The last three things I got include a hang up sign, a jar, and a stand up sign. I found the jar in the dollar section and the two signs in the Wondershop section. All three of the decorations perfectly fit my room theme and look great in their designated spot. 

Home Goods

In Home Goods, I only got a few things because they were a bit expensive, but for the things I found I was surprised with their price. Everything at the store was set up by where the decoration would be in your household. So outdoor decorations were in one spot, Christmas trees were in another and so on. If you have a local Home Goods you should check it out!

The two things I got include a blanket and garland. The blanket is a basic fuzzy one that was very inexpensive but still has great quality. The garland was a great deal, I got 3 pieces of garland for $18. That might sound like a bit but each piece of garland was 9 feet and cost $6! Most stores would easily charge $30 for garland but Home Goods did not.

Bath and Body Works

The last store I will be talking about is Bath and Body Works. This store is a must go-to for the holiday season. The store is full of different scents that are unique for every occasion. 

For Black Friday the store did a deal of buy 3 get 3 free, while that sounds great it can still be pricey. I ended up doing the sale but only used 3 items for my room which are candles. 

Thank you so much for reading! If you are interested, I also made a Youtube video of a tour of my room decorated for Christmas. Check it out and leave a comment if you came from this article!

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