The 1975’s New Album “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” is Something You Have Never Heard Before.

The 1975 yet again released an unpredicted masterpiece today entitled “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”. The band announced the album in late May along with releasing singles from the album that are still hits. The singles include, “Give Yourself A Try”, “Love it if We Made it”, “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME”, “Sincerity is Scary” and “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)”. Even though the band released six songs as singles out of a fifteen song album, the band still surprised everyone with an eye opening, multi genre experience.

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

As most people know the evolution of The 1975 was never predictable and never will be. In 2014 they were the staple band for modern grunge, indie and rock. The band was known for their dark and sad lyrics along with their careless onstage persona as seen in popular music videos like “Robbers” and “Girls” which appeared on their first full length album “The 1975”. The band was even know for wearing lots of black and smoking cigarettes which was a huge trend back in 2014 (why? I am not sure). But after disappearing for a year they started to present a delicate pink theme which is completely opposite to what they once were. Soft and elegant music was prominent in their second album “I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” along with 90’s inspiration. Songs like “Love Me” and “Somebody Else” showed the progression of the band and the once all black and outrageous band was now known as pink and dainty in the best way possible. After their very successful second album, the boys came back one more time with another theme but this one is not as drastically different to their previous release. While the elegance still remains the band begins to use their platform as a political and social voice specifically for their fans or anyone who shares the same beliefs as them. Many people are relating the band’s new style to nude tones and classic times. The sound of the new album has changed a bit, but it is nothing too different. Many songs on the album take a classic spin on the band. In most songs the band incorporates violins and flutes or take the jazz route and include trumpets. The difference between “ILIWYSFYASBYSUOI” and “ABIIOR” is the content of the music.

The 1975 in 2014
The 1975 in 2016
The 1975 in 2018

The main difference in this album is the focus on technology and politics, the band does a great job of voicing their political opinions on the song “I’d Love it if We Made it” by discussing things like Donald Trump and racism. But the band also focuses on how this generation operates on their technology and their reliance to a single handheld device. One of their songs entitled “The Man Who Married a Robot/Love Theme” is about a man who becomes best friends with the internet, but he does not notice that his friend, the internet, is causing the man to separate himself from reality and society. He begins to considered his family and friends as “less important” and relies on the internet as his best friend until he dies “…in his lonely house, on the lonely street. In the lonely part of the world.” The narrator then says “You can go on his Facebook” which suggests that his life is on the internet and that is the new form of knowing news. This song is important because it embarks on how consuming technology is. While this song is a bit excessive the premise of the story is accurate. The narrator even resembles a moto toned voice used as Siri on the IPhone.

It just shows that the band is continuing to grow and change their ways but you can always rely on them to never disappointing and continuing to push new boundaries and looking great doing it.

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