7 Classic Christmas Cookies to Have on Your Dessert Table this Christmas!!

Want to add a new classic Christmas cookie to the dessert table this year? This is the perfect list to figure out which cookie will be a hit this year!


Sugar cookies are classic Christmas time cookies everyone would enjoy. You can also do so much with the cookies! You can cut them to make shapes like candy canes, presents, ornaments, and even Santa. The best part is being able to decorate the cookies with colorful icing to make a unique and tasty treat!


Gingerbread cookies are another classic cookie that can be individualized with different colored icing and different forms of gingerbread men. Including women, men, little girls, little boys and animals like cats and dogs!

Peanut butter blossom

Peanut butter blossoms are a personal favorite, they are simple to make and the flavors taste great together. Who wouldn’t like chocolate and peanut butter together? The creation is simple to make, all you have to do is bake peanut butter cookies, while the cookies are still warm put the chocolate kiss on top so the kiss lightly melts onto the cookie.

Peppermint Pattie-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are a bit more tricky but are worth every bite. First, start by making one layer of chocolate cookies, then put the Peppermint Pattie on top of the layer, then place another chocolate cookie layer on top to create a sandwich that will melt together in the oven and become a cookie!

Milk & Cookies Shots

Out of the list, this cookie is the trickiest, first start by creating your chocolate chip cookie then form it in a mold of a drinking glass, bake the cookie, then add milk inside to create an edible glass or milk and cookies. This cookie is fun for the whole family and taste just like Christmas!


Crinkle cookies are simple to make while looking like you took all day to make them. You start with your cookie of choice, most use a chocolate cookie with peppermint extract, then you will role the cookie in powdered sugar. Once that is done you bake them and it creates crinkles and tastes fantastic!


Snickerdoodle cookies are easy to make and taste like the perfect s’more. This cookie is a sugar cookie rolled in various spices to create the iconic taste of a snickerdoodle, this is a great last-minute cookie to bring joy to the dessert table.

Thank you for reading! Which cookie are you going to try this season and which one is already on your dessert table? Comment down below!

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