How to Get Organized for the New Year!

Happy New Year! With a new year comes many commitments to a better life or “new year, new me.” One of the most popular things to do in a new year is to get organized and stay organized, but many stores have expensive options when it comes to organizing any space. Since the holiday season has ended many people are short on money and would rather save than spend. But I am here to help you find ways to stay organized on a budget. 

Some stores like Target and Walmart know their customers want to get organized for the new year, so both stores have sales on their storage section, online and offline! Target has a 10% off code online and $5-$10 off in store and Walmart has up to 50% off their furniture and storage. It is also common for people use notepads and forms or writing to get organized like notepads with what to do daily, weekly and monthly so an entire schedule is laid out to be seen or easily modified. Any store provides these options but my personal favorite is target because it is cheap (in the dollar section) and cute!

You can also organize without spending money! Any easy way is to clean out the area that needs to be organized, you would be surprised by how much you will throw out because you do not need it. You might even find some things to use to organize your space. Some things that can be found include boxes, wood and plastic containers. These items can be used to keep any product in order and easy to find while looking cute and minimalistic.

By doing these few things you can get organized in 2019!

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