How to Find Your Personal Style Plus A Look Into Mine!

As seen in social media and other platforms, a sense of personal style defines who you are and makes you stand out against the crowd. But with so many people defining new styles it is hard to find your own that really shows who you are and makes you feel like yourself. But the worrying is over, I’ve put together a few tips to help yourself find the perfect style that shows off every personality trait you have.

Find Inspiration!

This is a given first step, but the question is where do you find your inspiration? It is common to find profiles you like on social media, look at hashtags, ideas on websites like Pinterest or even watching videos on Youtube. But one thing I like to do is find my inspiration from the music I listen to. While this option has its ups and downs (2014… you don’t want to know) it is something I am proud of and makes me feel comfortable. Music plays a huge role in my life, so the option of having music influence my fashion sense was a given. You might be a bit confused as to how music can influence my fashion choices, but what I do is look at what my favorite artists are wearing and find similar pieces. For instance, right now some of my favorite artists include Queen, The 1975, Joji, Rex Orange County, and Joyce Manor. Now, these artists are a bit different but have a similarity; a sense of rock. Rock wardrobe changes every decade but I am really into the 70’s rock fashion so I try to incorporate 70’s rock fashion into modern day pieces. Besides listening to music, I like to find mood boards and I look to other people for inspiration like Devon Carlson, Margot Lee, Summer McKeen, Elena Taber and Rachel Spencer.

Devon Carlson
Margot Lee
Summer McKeen
Elena Taber
Rachel Spencer

Get Organized!

This step is optional but it helps me simplify what I want or need to achieve my fashion goal. After finding some pictures or pieces I like, I will create a list of what I want from what I have gathered. For instance, with this picture below I look more at the outfit not the accessories and I see what appeals to me. When I have a collection of photos I like I try to find a trend of what I like, recently it has been nude colors and simple outfits. So I then create a list of what I want to try from each photo so I have a list when shopping.


Of course everyone’s favorite part, shopping! If you’re anything like me, high-end stores are not your first priority stores to check out. I suggest starting local with thrift stores and department stores you will find much more than you think. Then move on to stores like H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and similar stores. Online shopping is always an option too. Remember to give yourself a budget too, the last thing you need to do is go broke from a few clothing items.

You Can Always Change!

Just because this is your style right now does not mean you have to keep it that way! The person you are right now might not be the same person in six months or maybe even a year and that is okay. The best thing about fashion is, it is always changing and evolving into different things and you should evolve with it. Do not be afraid to try new things especially when nobody else is doing it. As long as you like it and are comfortable with yourself, it is worth it!

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