How You Can Save the Earth!!

Being apart of saving and preserving the environment is very important right now. Everyday we destroy the earth by doing mindless things like liter or use products that cannot be easily broken down into reusable sources. But there are several things everyone can do in their daily life to help save the earth and even save some money!

Use Reusable Bags

Many stores and companies sell or provide branded reusable bags for any type of shopping. If you do not want a company brand bag, stores like Amazon sell them for a cheap cost. Not only are these bags cute and save plastic bags but some stores will take money off of your purchase if you use them! Stores like Lucky’s Market will take ten cents off per bag used, or you can use that ten cents for a donation to one of several charities they support.

Use Reusable Cups and Straws!

This concept is similar to reusable bags, some stores sells cups. These cups can be used at anytime and for just about any occasion. One famous reusable cup is Yeti, these cups conceal the heat or coldness of the drink for hours. The cups are also customizable and come in several sizes. If you bring your Yeti cup to stores like Dunkin Donuts they fill up your cup for free and Starbucks takes 10 cents off your purchase if you use one of their reusable cups when ordering. Reusable straws can be purchased anywhere but popular ones are on Amazon and they are relatively cheap, the best type of straws are metal and come with a cleaner!

Going Cruelty Free!

One other option is to go cruelty free! While this is expensive, it is worth it and works better than other products because they are natural and save the earth! Some brands include, Lush, The Body Shop, Glossier and Pacifica. These brands include things like make up, make up utensils like brushes and body products. It might seem like going cruelty free will not help the environment but t does. Going cruelty free uses less chemicals to produce the products, saves animals and most brands that are cruelty free give back to fighting animal testing

And More!

Even if you cannot afford these things you can do simple things like not use bags when grocery shopping or use the same cup for the entire day. Everything we do effects the environment so why not be the positive impact we need?

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