How to Have A Perfect Self Care Sunday!

For many including myself, Sundays are seen as a day to restart and get ready for a busy week. While everyone has a different Sunday schedule, here are a few suggestions to have you feel relaxed and energized for the week!

Sleep Well!

Sleeping well is a hard thing for many of us to do. We tend to stay up late with our devices or favorite TV show on or wake ourselves up super early to get started on the day. But I am here to tell you that you need to put that phone or remote down and sleep in! Studies show that teenagers and young adults need between eight and ten hours of sleep. That might sound easy to accomplish, but that is more time than you think especially if you want to get a full day in. It is recommended to fall asleep between nine and eleven every night so you can get up at a reasonable time. It is also recommended to keep any technology away from your reach so when you are bored in bed trying to fall asleep you do not reach for it. Studies show that most people fall asleep about twenty minutes earlier on average with their phone being out of reach.

Lay in Bed and Watch TV or Read!

I know, this counters what I just said. But what I mean by this is, when you get up in the morning do not feel rushed to get up! Throw on your favorite show, the news, or open an interesting book to relax and start the day on a good note! But try to avoid the phone!

Stay Off That Phone!

It is hard to do this, but once you forget about your phone a weight will be lifted off your shoulders. Your smartphone is used for much more than contacting family and friends and we all know that. Social media is a huge distraction and stresser that causes negative impacts to your mental health. It might sound tough to put the phone down, but once you do you will not regret it!

Take a Bath with You Fav Bath Bomb or Soap!

This suggestion is the holy grails of self care Sundays. Grab your favorite Lush bath bomb and get a hot bath running! You can even grab some soap to create a bubble bath, whatever makes you happy! Bathing for twenty to thirty minutes can really put the body at zen. Here are a few suggestions:

Use a Face Mask or Face Cleanser!

While you are soaking in a nice warm bath, throw on a restoring face mask. Any face mask that is nice fr your skin will work. Some popular masks include coal sheet masks, mud masks, and peel off masks for those pesky blackheads.

Lotion Up

After enjoying your bath make sure to moisturize with your favorite scent of lotion to look and smell good!

Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water is key for every day, but if you are going to focus on one day in particular to drink lots of water, Sunday is your day! 64 ounces is the recommendation an easy way to remember this is the 8-8 rule, eight cups of high ounce waters!

Hopefully this article helped you come up with some ideas for your next self-care Sunday. Comment down below what you will be doing!

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