Are Bring Me The Horizon and The 1975 More Similar Than We Thought?

Bring Me The Horizon is not any typical band from Sheffield, English. From the beginning we knew Bring Me The Horizon was an interesting listen, their first album “Count Your Blessings” released in 2006 was heavy metal and ear pulsing. But since then the band has experimented with several different techniques, from guitar riffing metal, to base heavy rock, to what we have heard on their new album “amo” released last Friday. For long term fans of the band, some would say they saw this evolution coming and are happy for its arrival but some would disagree. In “amo” Bring Me The Horizon experiments with electronic rock, hip hop, rock, pop and many other genres. They have turned into a band you cannot categorize. The band focuses on incorporating different types of sounds like auto tuned instruments created on an online system, auto tuned voices, beatboxing, screaming, and traditional singing. 

There were even a few surprise features including Grimes, Dani Filth and Rahzel. Grimes said in an interview with Apple Music when asked about ‘nihilist blues’ which is the song she features in “This is one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard.” The band does a great job of make ‘nihilist blues’ sound like a dark party song that can easily be an addition to the night club scene. A fan favorite from the album is ‘Medicine’ which debuted as a single before the album was released and successfully got everyone excited for the band’s first release in four years. 

After listening to the album I found similarities between “amo” and The 1975’s recent release “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”. I know, you are thinking this is a stretch. Bring Me The Horizon is much heavier than The 1975 and incorporate darker instrumentals and lyrics. But looking closely into the way the bands created their recent releases, they both have the same base. Both bands took experimenting to the next level and created groundbreaking mixtures of different music genres. Oli Sykes said in an interview with Apple Music when asked how ‘wonderful life’ was created “…it was the day The 1975 released ‘Give Yourself a Try’- that inspired me to get up on the mic and just say stuff that came out.” Both frontmen Oil Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon and Matty Healy of The 1975 bring the same energy to the stage and continue to reach new limits on their lyrics and vocals. 

While this record might be surprising for anyone listening to it, it is one of few albums that shows that because you create one piece of music that is one genre does not mean you have to stay in that genre, if Bring Me The Horizon can go from metal to electronic rock in what seems like a seamless effort any other artist can.

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