How to Work on Your Self- Esteem!

Self Esteem is an issue everyone deals with in their life time. It is not an easy mental obstacle to overcome and it gets to the best of people sometimes, but that does not mean it has to get to the best of you! Here are some things you can try, to improve your self esteem and be happy with yourself!

This article can be helpful to some and a disappointment to others mainly because everyone functions differently! Some people rely on things that others do not. So these tips are going to be general and flexible to try and target every unique individual.

The first tip is something everyone should do when trying to improve themselves, think about it! It is important to think about the issue and target the main factor of what is causing negative feelings. Sit down and write down everything you think of when you ask yourself the question “what do I not like about myself?” Once every answer is written down you can then brainstorm how you will fix those problems and what possibly causes them. If you cannot come up with any reasons or solutions, the next step is to do trial and error.

Trial and error consists of trying things that are known to improve self esteem and have a positive mindset. The first things to try is exercising. I am sure you hear this often and you are tired of hearing it, but exercising has amazing positive affects on yourself physically and mentally. When you exercise endorphins which help ease anxiety, and depression, are related. Once exercising is apart of your daily routine, your mind will become clear and focused. But if exercising is not your style, you can focus on a positive mindset! This might sound silly but standing in front of a mirror and saying positive things to yourself helps ease your mind and causes positivity to be a default thought in your head instead of pointing out all of your flaws, point out your strong suits.

Another thing you should do is surround yourself with positive and loving people! Their energy will radiate onto you and will lead to positive actions and thoughts. If you surround yourself with positive people, you will feel loved, supported and happy with yourself and what you do.

One of my favorite things to do is care for yourself! It is so important to make sure you are okay! Nobody knows you better than yourself, you know what you need and what do not need. Doing things like drinking over 64 ounces of water a day, staying away from sugar, getting between eight and ten hours of sleep and relaxing when needed will make you feel rested and ready to take on any challenge! Maybe even go on a shopping spree to get that confidence going on the outside!

Lastly, forgive. This might sound kind of weird, but forgiveness hold many of us back from accomplishing goals and some would disagree, but many acts of forgiveness are not noticed because they are subconscious. But part of the first step is also finding things that might be holding you back especially if it is from your past. Learning to move on or to forgive is a key element when growing into yourself.

But when you do these things it is important to not compare yourself to others, you are your own individual and comparing yourself is unrealistic and negative! As I mentioned earlier in the article, you are a unique individuals who knows yourself better than anybody else. Now go be the best you can be!

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