Benefits of Going Gluten Free and How to Do it The Right Way.

Going gluten free is a huge step for anyone who does not have a medical disease where it is needed to go gluten free. While some people argue that going gluten free is not the best option because of the possibility of the gluten free food lacking in supplements like iron. But going gluten free does have benefits as long as you do it correctly.

The first benefit is, once gluten is out of the diet the body starts a detox and begins to thin out and inflammation begins to go down from all of the “elastic” particles in your small intestine from the gluten consumed in the past. Mayo Clinic stated in an article that “Gluten is the only protein found in food that is completely indigestible. Its indestructible molecules can slip through the intestinal lining and cause inflammation in the intestines…” This detox is a great start to a new diet, it allows you to start fresh.

Going gluten free will help with digestion, like stated in the paragraph above gluten is almost like an “elastic” substance which sits in the small intestine, Lori Chong who is a registered dietitian states that “The gluten grains (wheat, rye and barley) are high FODMAP foods. They contain oligosaccharides that can be easily fermented by intestinal bacteria. This can cause bloating, cramping and/or diarrhea.” So not only can gluten cause inflammation, but it can also cause intestinal bacteria and other similar painful symptoms which can expand into life treating medical conditions.

Going gluten free can also make you feel better, the extra weight will come off (with a combination of exercise and maintaining a balanced diet) and will release unneeded toxins in your body.

naturally gluten free foods

But, many disagree with a gluten free diet stating that if someone do not have a medical condition that suggestions/forces you to eat a gluten free diet, it is not recommend. This is mainly said because many people see gluten free foods as an alternative healthy option, while that is true for the most foods like breads, fruits and other foods that can naturally be gluten free, it is not good for foods like baked goods, waffles, pancakes and even french fries. This is because many of these foods that are not naturally gluten free have unhealthy and unnatural substitutions for gluten. Not all baked goods and waffles contain unhealthy substitutes like this, but to make sure they are healthy alternatives check the label to see if tapioca flour and white rice flower are the ingredient replacing gluten, this is what you want to avoid. If tapioca or white rice flour is used and consumed it can cause weight gain and even a deficiency in iron.

To achieve a healthy gluten free diet, homemade gluten free options are your best bet. Just because you go gluten free does not mean you cannot have things like cake and waffles, they just have to be a healthy and beneficial substitute to gluten.

Will you make the choice to go gluten free?

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